Shipping & Returns

Wire To Weave Products

Products from the Wire to Weave section of our catalogue are covered by a 30 day warranty against manufacture defects or shipping damage. If you find that, in that time, that your product is defective or damaged please contact us using our contact form. Indicate the nature of the problem and the when it occurred. We will contact you with further information and instructions on how to resolve your issues.

TMKD Products

The Midsummer Knight's Dream supplies the following warranty for their creations:

"Any Woodbaby found to have a manufacture's defect will be repaired free of charge. Animal attacks on a Woodbaby; alterations made to a Woodbaby by the customer; and abuse to a Woodbaby voids this warranty. Repairs can be made to any Woodbaby that are not covered by the warranty, for a fee. The Repair fee is based upon the type and severity of injury to the Woodbaby. Minimum recovery time for injured Woodbabies is 2-6 weeks. Shipping and handling charges apply."

Please contact them at 352-732-3350 (Florida) to arrange for the repair of your woodbaby puppet.

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